END CORR since 20 years offers full services regarding electrochemical cathodic protection, which protects from corrosion steel constructions such as pipelines, underground containers, steel elements of sewage treatment plants, hydrotechnical constructions and more.

    We make:
  • • overhead power lines and cable lines;
  • • electrical installations, control systems, automatic
    and monitoring systems.

    We produce:
  • • panels and housings of Cathode Protection Stations;
  • • polarized drainage stations;
  • • smeasuring bars;
  • • measuring electrodes and simulation electrodes

    We carry out specialist, intensive electrical measurements of:
  • • the insulation of pipelines in the "MoData" system;
  • • the insulations of wires, cables, transformers;
  • • the effectiveness of the protection against electric shock, grounding resistance and lightning protection.

We sell and service welding machines which make electrical connections with the battery pipelines (36V) and condenser pipelines (230V).

END CORR - Cathodic Protection Systems
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office: ul. Morelowa 14, 87-800 Włocławek
storehouse: ul. Zielna14A
mobile: +48 502 393 245, fax: +48 54 235 11 49
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by the Office of Technical Inspection

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